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HydroLink™ Battery Watering System

Issuing time:2017-06-15 10:00

As the leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, Trojan knows the importance of battery maintenance and its impact on the life of your deep-cycle battery.

Battery maintenance, particularly watering your battery, can be time-consuming, messy and, in some instances, unsafe.

Trojan’s HydroLink single-point battery watering system offers key features and benefits not available today:

Independent Water Level Indicator – HydroLink comes with an independent, non-mechanical water level indicator that is simple to read: white means the battery needs water and black means the battery has enough water.

Safety – HydroLink comes with both internal and external flame arrestors, making it the safest watering system in the industry.

Cost Effective – HydroLink saves valuable time and money by filling a complete set of batteries in less than 30 seconds. With proper watering, HydroLink can maximize battery life.

Guaranteed – HydroLink is tested and guaranteed to work with your Trojan batteries in the most popular configurations*, and it comes with a full 4-year warranty.

Within seconds you can achieve the maximum performance and long life you need from your batteries with Trojan’s HydroLink – Battery Watering Made Easy.

*Available in 12v, 24v, 36-volt and 48-volt systems

**HydroLink will not fit on PLUS Series batteries

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